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Säästa aega ja raha Leica mojoRTK ga

Leica mojoRTK automaatjuhtimise süsteem pakub kuni 2cm positsioneerimise täpsust, mida võid korrata aastast – aastasse. Selline tase pakub mitmesuguseid võimalusi, et parandada oma tõhusust põllumajanduse valdkonnas.


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Save time and money with the Leica mojoRTK auto-steer system using either a base station or tapping into a local CORS network. The Leica system provides 2cm / sub-inch positioning accuracy, repeatable pass after pass and year after year. This level of accuracy creates a wide range of opportunities to improve efficiency in the field.

For example:

  • Potentially increasing yields with zone-tilling practices that allow you to plant precisely on top of tillage zones
  • Reduce the number of passes needed for field operation by using 100% of your implement width
  • Reduce compaction by creating traffic lanes in the field

Beyond the cropping benefits, the Leica mojoRTK helps reduce driver fatigue while producing precision-straight rows. Take pride in having top-notch work with less stress.