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Sääs­ta aega ja raha Leica mojoRTK ga

Leica mojoRTK auto­maat­juh­ti­mise süs­teem pakub kuni 2cm posit­sio­nee­ri­mise täp­sust, mida võid kor­ra­ta aas­ta­st – aas­ta­s­se. Sel­li­ne tase pakub mit­me­su­gu­seid või­ma­lu­si, et paran­da­da oma tõhu­sust põl­lu­ma­jan­duse vald­kon­nas.


Leica Geosys­tems põl­lu­ma­jan­dus sead­me­te grupp face­boo­kis: LINK



Save time and money with the Leica mojoRTK auto-steer sys­tem using eit­her a base sta­tion or tapping into a local CORS network. The Leica sys­tem pro­vi­des 2cm / sub-inch posi­tio­ning accu­racy, repea­tab­le pass after pass and year after year. This level of accu­racy crea­tes a wide ran­ge of oppor­tu­ni­ti­es to imp­ro­ve efficiency in the field.

For examp­le:

  • Poten­tial­ly inc­reasing yields with zone-til­ling prac­tices that allow you to plant preci­sely on top of til­la­ge zones
  • Reduce the num­ber of pas­ses nee­ded for field ope­ra­tion by using 100% of your imp­le­ment wid­th
  • Reduce com­pac­tion by crea­ting traf­fic lanes in the field

Beyond the crop­ping bene­fits, the Leica mojoRTK helps reduce dri­ver fati­gue whi­le pro­ducing preci­sion-straight rows. Take pri­de in having top-notch work with less stress.